giu mastrogiacomo


what? lyrics & vocals


where? sursee switzerland & naples italy


why? the truth lives inside the raging one


also known as g.m. theKrow from his former band "aka profound". he´s the founder, band leader, lyricist and songwriter in kissin´ black. addicted to coffee & cigarettes, lover of Italian red wine


favourite artists 

the doors, danzig, the cult, fields of the nephilim, litfiba, samael, indochine, monster magnet, stabbing westward, diamanda galàs, paradise lost, anorexia nervosa, sisters of mercy, behemoth, emperor, naglfar, sentenced, inxs, w.a.s.p., morbid angel, moonspell, zeromancer, vasco rossi, gianna nannini, noir désir

...just to mention a few


favourite colour

it could be black...


other projects involved in



bands formerly played with

  • "aka profound" (gothic rock metal)
  • pythoness (rock opera from genesis to decay)
  • deprešion (death metal - austria)


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